How do you show up?

Do you show up for yourself?

Do you commit to yourself?

Do you put yourself first?

What are you tolerating to keep the peace?

What do you talk yourself out of because you don’t feel deserving?

How many of us neglect ourselves for the sake of a situation, person or just your self-talk. 

Most of us are grappling with self-worth and self-love wounds that require a lot of self-awareness to heal. Unfortunately, we get stuck in the pain and injustices these emotions bring us and retreat.

Time to put everything, and everyone on the back burner and show up for yourself. My favorite mantra; “After me, you come first.”

Time to honor your physical, emotional and spiritual needs, it is time to make this the morning ritual about you. Some of us get up, grab a coffee and GO. Change it up, take a sip from your own heart to fuel your being.

When you disconnect from yourself, your truth, your life, you are not showing up for YOU. You are operating on autopilot, and that can lead to a crash and burn. Don’t be the I did this today because I did it yesterday person. Well, that has got to change, you are worth showing up for, and you don’t have to wait for anybody, any situation or perfect circumstances. You have everything you need; YOU.

When you show up for YOU, the resistance starts to dissipate, your energy field starts aligning with you and you will start to notice more love, abundance and self-love swirling around and in your life.  The cosmos always wants to support us, after all, just go outside and look at the greatness that holds us all together. Wrap that energy around you!

Each moment commit to yourself;  With every breath I take, I create more space for myself and my boundaries are drawn.

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.”

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.

2 thoughts on “How do you show up?

  1. My Beautiful Dolby. . . just started reading your Blah Blah Blog. . . and it is anything but blah blah blah. . . It is insightful, inspirational, and SPOT ON ! I find tears welling up in my eyes when you strike a cord within, with the honesty of your words. . . You have always hit upon those spots that are hardest to look at , but the most important ones to work on, or perhaps let go of. . . You are truly a gift, and I thank you, with all my heart, for touching me as you do, and helping me to love all of me, believing how worthy and valuable I truly am. . . Love You.

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    1. Thank you Cindabella for your kind words. I appreciate your honesty, love, and readership. This is what my purpose is; to serve and assist myself as well as others to see their own true greatness. It is my honor to serve you. I am glad you are injoying blaH blaH bloG. Gracefully, Lilith

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