Oh Hell Yeah! Another Retrograde!!!

Retrograde motion starts on March 5 and goes direct March 28 of 2019. 

God, how I love the planet; Mercury, the messenger of the gods–the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. 

Being a Virgo myself, it’s in my wheelhouse and packs a punch when a retro happens. There are many other reasons, but mostly because it has been my constant companion throughout my life, and it nudges me to think before I give a shout out, and to go down in my underworld and connect to my Lilith, for she has a lot to say ONLY to me.

 What to do during the retrograde… 

Get psychic, re-evaluate, renovate, re-form, and re-invent, that was a mouthful. Step into our higher selves.

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Goin down under is refreshing and gives us a break from being so active, we can relax for a few weeks. How’s that you might be wondering? With a retrograde in Mercury—do NO-thing that requires commitments, travel, or have down and dirty conversations, might not go so well. Think of this time as a vaca, your day at the “INWARD SPA.”  Hang your shingle-DO NOT DISTURB…


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Mercury Retrograde is all wrapped up in the emotional Piscean, nothing to fear, just an excellent time to reflect, renew and rebirth your badass self, and…it might entail a little bit of cryin. But after all it always our party and we can cry if we want to. 
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The Universe is calling on us to roll the slow, go within and if you need to speak up, or make decisions, do it cautiously before plowing ahead, OR, just shut the fuck up!
Just sayin…
Mercury’s close conjunction to Chiron ‘wounded healer’ represents healing and pain, right before the retrograde suggests that tears and heartbreak are on the agenda this retro...Tears, feelings, pain, heartache…WhoA!!!!…But we will, and can survive with this Mercury retro energy.
When speaking up and out, make sure that it comes from the place of the heart or all hell can break loose. HEART-HELL GEEEZE tuff one! Some of us like a challenge.
Bottom line; Mercury Retrograde is about communication(s), and if we don’t have clear intentions and are not mindful of the smack we lay down, things can get pretty dicey, spicy, and a fire can break out, AND be misinterpreted.
That is why it is called the ‘hibernation period.’
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