Emotional Life Raft

What is your emotional life raft? How do you adjust your internal sails when you feel blasted with life’s challenges? Are you aware of how adaptable you are, how resilient the body-mind is? Do you live in “AWE” or “Woe Is Me”? What are you doing to tend your ‘internal garden’?

If we take a moment to stop, look and listen to the whispers of life, we can appreciate the synergistic balance that happens when we let go of our disruptive stories and let them be as they are. If we surrender to ‘what is,’ instead of struggling to find a fix, running away to avoid, we are giving permission to the natural homeostasis of our being.  If we are in rhythm with nature, we are in rhythm with ourselves. Step outside, breathe and unapologetically attend your eternal garden, that is where you will find all the beauty, the truth and YOU! We are not in nature, we are nature. That is our organic state of being. ~Dolby Dharma

The question is:
Can I get bigger than myself?
Not lose myself or let myself go
but become wide enough to contain all that is true.
Resist the temptation to retract around what is right
or makes me feel in control.
Broaden my hips out wide like the valley.
The Earth holds all of this
and doesn’t feel responsible.
Her water is moved by the moon.
Her surface is warmed by the sun.
And she doesn’t fight the feeling
or feel self-conscious.
We have torn and prodded and blown her apart.
She holds us still.
Without contempt.
We kill each other and hate each other on her shores.
She witnesses.
Sends rains to cleanse.
She doesn’t question her existence.
She just continues to be.

From the Online Zine Let the Choir Say Wow to accompany Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds.

self love meditation

“Every aspect of nature is its own distinct contribution, sometimes greatly opposing the properties of another, and yet they find their complement together, and there is no question of belonging. Nature invited me into listening. It invited me into synergy and serendipity, and that coordination is both planned and spontaneously co-created. Nature asked me to widen in my heart and trust that the answers live way beyond me or what I can directly control.” — Vassilisa Johri

Artwork;finding_peace_amongst_chaos_by jessica joy


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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.