In La’Kesh, I am other you!

When we feel ourselves as poetry in motion, there is a rhythm that shapeshifts the essence of us. We are NOT our bodies, but an illusion in a dream that we shall wake up from. We are not the material of our bodies, but we are their organization so we can navigate life here on earth.  We are physical, yet we are not made of material(s). We are an ethereal beauty not yet discovered until we awaken.

Rather than try to apply significance to ourselves, let’s enjoy the undiscovered aspects of who we are becoming.   Dolby Dharma    “In La’Kesh, I am the other you!”

On Assignment

Once upon a time
the ancestors whispered
In my ears, cracked open my heart,
giggled within my belly and tickled my toes
with a curiosity of what I would discover and where I would go
They danced through my body and sang through my spirit
breathed within my soul
washed me in the living waters of the wisdom word
and bid me sing
Told me to shine like the sun
Said to me I am the one
I Am the I Am I am poetry
I am rhythm and rhyme
I am a miracle of snowflakes
I am sublime
I am an echo come back in real-time
I am the Griot praise-singing
I am a memory illuminating
I am a gift, a flash of light
A Holy Sight at tradition’s door
Improvising melodies
Through moments in time
Remembering who I am… remembering who you are…
On assignment…

© Lakiba Pittman


“You are not your body or your mind. Your body and your mind – actually the whole world – exist in you.”

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.