Let us re-member we are always enough, we are continually shifting, and we are always shedding parts of ourselves that no longer serve us.

Embracing the sum bits of ourselves include the ones we try to hide, escape, disown, and dislike; the only way to get to know ourselves intimately is to expose ourself to ourself.

We often try to squash the dark parts of ourselves because we were taught to not let those aspects of ourselves be expressed because we will be ‘less than,’ ‘judged,’ and ‘criticized,’ if we are not all good, conforming, and living up to everyone’s beliefs and expectations.

Every emotional expression of ourselves is the energy of our lives.

Take inventory of your relationship(s) in your life; work, family, and friends. Every single encounter is telling a story to us and introducing us to our shade and sun-selves as we are mirroring it back to them, and vice versa.

However, everything we think we are hiding is really in plain sight. Just take inventory of your life. We have all heard the saying; “You can run, but you can’t hide.”  Isn’t that the truth, because another saying confirms that; “everywhere you go, there you are.” So why not get to know ourselves more in-depth, and shed the layers we have outgrown, and replace them with a higher potential of self-acceptance, self-love, and inner-joy; the magic that brings out the peaceful warrior within.

Our lives are about getting to know ourselves with fierce compassion and understanding of how powerful.

If we converge ourselves with peace, love, compassion, and… without comparisons, we can understand how our thoughts and words have a direct experience of what is happening in our lives. We can then begin to open up and trust ourselves just a bit more and evaluate our lives from a loving, sacred place.

YOU alone decide what and who you are willing to meet, you have a right to your choices and a right to your feelings. Kindness and understanding with ourselves are the paths to creating the lives we can live in peace and more understanding.

We are always in a beginning state of being; each moment, we are re-birthing ourselves.

You are a GRAND CELEBRATORY EXPERIENCE every single day.

love yourself

“Inner Peace Comes Through Knowing Who You Are.

Knowing Who You Are Starts With Knowing Where

You Came From And How You Got Here.”

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.

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