Everybody is innocent.  Yes, it is true, we are all innocent. But yet by our day to day actions, our relationships, and all that we do in our lives, we “find” and “fine” ourselves guilty.

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Now don’t get me wrong, guilt can be a good thing.

There is a healthy sense of guilt, and there is unhealthy guilt.

The unhealthy guilt can be harmful and is certainly not for the good of anyone. This type of guilt keeps us stuck in old stories that are untruths about ourselves–thus, we behave accordingly, which appears to be self-serving.

Most of us live with many layers of different beliefs, some of which are contradictory or not rational. On some level, we may believe that because we are human and mistakes happen all the time, so no big deal, no consciousness about behaviors.

When guilt is fueled by irrational beliefs, it only makes you harder on ourselves than we already are, and to top it off, most likely, we are unaware of the offensive behavior(s). And that’s not helpful to anyone.

Healthy guilt, on the other hand, we have this intuitive knowing that we might have actually done something that doesn’t sit well with us, or we might have crossed a boundary with someone or something. This guilt is an essential feeling because we have developed consciousness of the offense that “might” have been committed, and are aware of other people’s feelings, as well as our own.

When we have healthy guilt, we are a concern for the highest good for all beings. But as you know, shit happens in life, we mess up, and guilt can fly out the window. But again, we are all innocent.

Let’s face it we are emotional beings, and to place a good or bad label upon them, we deny ourselves our navigational brains, and then they begin to run-a-muck. Labeling ourselves or anyone else for that matter creates a bias that causes judgments; as a result, we run around with guilt, shame, and fear has our internal GPS.

When we feel good and expansive about ourselves, we can have a better understanding of our boundaries and other people’s boundaries. We get a good feeling about which emotional lines we might have crossed.

This allows us to resolve what might be nagging at the base of the situation(s). Taking some accountability for our actions—everyone benefits.

Healthy guilt is a feeling that immediately responds back to us with a knowing something is not right and has to be made right by taking ownership and understanding, all of which can lead to positive outcomes.

We will all struggle with feelings of guilt. It is unavoidable not to have feelings of any kind. But, guilt is our navigation center, which helps us decern, and make choices accordingly, etc.  Well, most of us, anyway. The rest of us most likely will figure it out through trial and error, and of course, there is that population who doesn’t have a clue, and that is ok too.

Learning to evaluate and challenge unhelpful forms of guilt frees you up to live a more joy-filled life.

“We are not our stories, our dramas, or our wrongdoings we are innocent and we are Divine undefinable love.”

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