A gift for yourself–and it doesn’t come in a box.

At the Holiday time and honestly most of the time. We are busy hustling the love and acceptance of others, we often leave ourselves down, out and empty.

Let these Holidays remind you of what is essential; Self- care, self-acceptance, and self-love.

Love; a word that flies out of our mouths like the exhale of our breath.

It has a more profound understanding if we are willing to feel what love is when we are uttering to those we want to love us so deeply.

Love is the only essential of this life that is not tangible, cannot be explained, and brings a sense of satisfaction, peace, joy, and equanimity to our lives.


Love is a reverence–a deep abiding acceptance for who we are.

Love is respecting yourself when life doesn’t feel fair.

Love is honoring yourself and knowing that you, too, are deserving of this life.

Love knows deep down you matter and that you are enough as you are.

Love does not ask for nothing, does not prove anything.

Love waits for you to show up for yourself.


show up for yourself

In the spirit of the Holidays.  Bring a little more love to yourself.

“Courage became my hero,
inner strength my miracle,
I was rescued by self-love.”― Christy Ann Martine


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