Buh Buh 2019-Changing of the Guard!

2020 has arrived, and so have you!

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New Year-New You-New opportunities!

Blessings were abundant if you made it over to Twenty Twenty;

We repeated goodbye to many souls who transitioned last year; a journey, we will all venture one day.

But for now, if you are reading this, you bought yourself another ‘TICKET TO RIDE.’

A few ideas to put on the table in 2020

Decide you are worthy of your wildest dreams and start co-creating them.  There are limitless possibilities, even if they seem crazy. Step out of your comfort zone.

Remember, miracles are the natural ebb and flow of life, and the entire cosmos wants to bless you with an endless stream of abundance, love and granting a miracle or two.

Raise your standards, elevate your energy, and the Universe will meet you there. Try it!

Be willing to step up and out without overthinking about the possible outcomes. Dreams, passion, and risks bring results.

Believe in yourself and your vision because the Universe loves a believer.  Repeat; I AM a Believer; in ME.

Be ridiculously, undeniably in love with yourself each day.

There is no shame in self-love.  Wake up loving who YOU are, perceived flaws, and all.

Discover your Divinity and set yourself fiercely on fire, yes, you are a HOT commodity baby!

Prioritize pleasure, presence, and play because you cannot have a happy ending on an unhappy journey; Bouts of genuine happiness fuels the soul’s fire to INjoy the ride!

Set your BadAsS self on fire and fan those fierce flames.

Unlock your door and let yourself out. You are the ONLY one who has that golden key.

Do the things that make you come alive because when you light up inside, the whole world benefits from your light.

More importantly, reap the rewards of your illumination.

This is your life… Rule your QueenKingdom


Honor yourself more, say yes to life more, Reinvigorate everything, and everywhere you go with love, joy, and good vibrations so that it’s in harmony with the laws of love and more hospitable to your soul’s cafe’.

Wake up


Be kind.


Take no prisoners; there is no room in your ‘SOUL’ for dead weight. 

Thank you for being a part of self-love, giving love, receiving love, and emanating love from the depths of your remarkable souls.

Never forget; YOU ARE LOVE.

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YOUR VOWS-Courtesy of Brezsney Astrology

I invite you to say this:

I love everything about me

I love my uncanny beauty and my bewildering pain

I love my hungry soul and my wounded longing

I love my flaws, my fears, and my scary frontiers
I will never forsake, betray, or deceive myself

I will always adore, forgive, and believe in myself

I will never refuse, abandon, or scorn myself

I will always amuse, delight, and redeem myself


Join Self-love, Click on the  LOVE YOURSELF PICTURE  
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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.

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