It’s a New day!

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It’s a New day!

Here and now, that’s it, folks!!! Wake-up this present moment; the moment to embrace, not ‘yesterdays’ BS, not the ‘what-if’ tomorrow BS. Just this ‘moment.’ Isn’t that exciting? Of course, it is, you can re-birth, re-member whatever you want to fulfill for yourself in the here and now. You don’t have to let yesterdays actions, thoughts, etc., define you, and you certainly have no idea about tomorrow. Why not stay present and make those moments work for you.

The most import aspect of this life is how powerful you are and the things you can create. You are a bundle of energy just waiting to be directed by you.

Begin by being open to each immediate experience; that is where the juice is, that is the gas for your being.

Trust yourself. No matter which way life goes, it is all on you, and it is your experience alone. Kinda cool, when you think about how powerful you are.

Get creative, let your mind bring in all your possibilities, even if they seem far-fetched. Did you ever see the movie Rudy? Well, then you know anything is possible. He lived, he breathes, and he believed, in his desires, and it came true for him. The least likely guy to get a play in a football game.

Rudy had the power of believing in himself, the drive and the spirit to get him in the game. Rudy was driven by persistence and spunk, which inspired the team he was hanging around.

All the naysayers and negativity did not stop him from living what he wanted to happen. In fact, all the BIG football players fell in love with his determination, drive, and desire and wanted him to have an opportunity to be on the field.

According to Carl Rogers a Humanist Phycologist; the self is composed of concepts unique to ourselves. The self-concept includes three components:
“Self-worth (or self-esteem) – what we think about ourselves. Rogers believed feelings of self-worth developed in early childhood and were formed from the interaction of the child with the mother and father.

Self-image – How we see ourselves, which is vital to good psychological health. Self-image includes the influence of our body image on inner personality. At a simple level, we might perceive ourselves as a good or bad person, beautiful or ugly. Self-image affects how a person thinks, feels and behaves in the world.

Ideal self – This is the person who we would like to be. It consists of our goals and ambitions in life and is dynamic – i.e., forever changing. The ideal self in childhood is not the ideal self in our teens or late twenties etc.”
McLeod, S. A. (2014). Carl Rogers. Retrieved from simply psychology

I encourage you to stay present and when the past comes creepin in just say to yourself. I am not my past; I AM present. I know I can!

We can never be parted from the True Self. As we resolve to remove each block, reaching further and further into this higher consciousness, we let our hearts sing joyfully, for unto us this day is given our birth. We are born anew into the spiritual Light, into our own unfoldment.-John-Roger

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