Who are we, what’s it all about, and why are we here?

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Who are we, what’s it all about, and why are we here?

The question that probably won’t and cannot be answered in this lifetime.

It is time to peel away all the layers of life; (opinions, judgments, fears, shoulds, family, media, and society) that have been graced upon us.

At the core, heart-center there is this natural substance called ‘YOU,’ one that needs to be rediscovered before we were brought forward into this life.

As we have traveled in this life; people, places, and experiences have layered our true nature with all types of energy.
Time to reclaim ourselves.

What we have become are layers of ‘this, that and the other,’ unbeknown to us; these layers creep in slowly over time covering up our authentic being, and we are not quite sure of what that is either. <sigh> From day one the layers started coming.

This life is happening for a reason no doubt. Why else are we here?Everyone has their theory.
Maybe it is a test to see how well we remain true to ourselves in the midst of all the chaos that accumulates over the course of our lives, or maybe not. Either way, we have gotten away from ourselves.

When we discover that these layers are suffocating, hurting, and, challenging us that is when we can start to peel away what doesn’t belong to us and get to the core of our ‘AmaZing AuThenTic’ self.

It’s a daily practice to stay true to ourselves. Fear and judgments are nasty controllers, especially when we worry about what other’s might think about us, and we do. We like to think we are different but are we really, at our core do we feel we are doing what is right for ourselves?
Or do we sell out to be accepted?
Only we know the truth to those questions.

Take notice, pay attention to what is going on around and within you. Be attentive to the inner layers of your being, for hidden under all those layers is your authentic self!

Starting today; let us open our consciousness to receive fresh downloads from our inner voice that speaks from the heart-mind.

“Don’t trade your authenticity for approval.” ~Unknown

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.