Catch a Wave

We are more than a bag of bones and a pound of flesh. We are soulful beings, and our emotions will come knocking on our door at least once a day, if not, every hour.

Feelings are comparable to waves at the beach, ebbing and flowing changing with the tide.

Sometimes we get sucked into the tide of our lives and get dragged down under into the abyss of an unexpected riptide. If you have never been in a riptide, I have, it feels scary, you don’t know which way is up, down and you are thrown off balance mixed up with all the oceans debris. Your heart is racing, and your mind is wondering if you will make it out alive.

It is in those moments it feels like things will never turn around, know this: they absolutely will. Maybe all your issues won’t be resolved. Maybe things will change in a massive, life-altering way. Perhaps you will suffer a profound and heartbreaking loss. But life has a way of healing each of us in the most unexpected ways.

Throughout the day, conscious or unconscious we are shapeshifting, seeking our balance with our emotional states; the forecast is always unpredictable. A word, a glance, energy, thoughts, and just being you makes you vulnerable to life’s inevitable emotions.

While some moods are fantastic, others can feel like a ton of bricks just dropped into your body-mind, and your being feels like it’s sinking.

Feelings navigate our days, can keep us alert, “and” they have a way of making or breaking the day. One single thought, comment, event or atmosphere pressure shows up, and a feeling is triggered, and we fall off the wave and into the pool of our sensitivities. We must remember that our feelings come in waves; some may be stronger than others, but they all will pass. Feeling, emotions, are teaching moments. We sometimes just have to ‘let go’ and ‘ride it out’.

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Love flows through, and we actualize our Divine Selves. Dolby Dharma

“Remember that you are the ocean. And no one, not even the moon itself can control your glorious, beautiful tides.

— Nikita GillYour Soul, is a River

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