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I love ceremonies, rituals, and the feelings it brings into my life. Rituals are personal, and we can create a daily practice just with our intention to gratitude.

What are some rituals you might be thinking; Folding our hands with intention, dancing, smudging, prayer, meditation, devotion, etc. Rituals, ceremonies are mystical experiences that we do to bring about change. You know energy goes where energy flows.

Rituals are dependent upon some belief system for their meaning to spring into action and create an energetic shift in our world. Creating a ceremony allows for the merging of our habitual lives with a daily practice of creating an energy shift to begin our day by engaging with the unseen, the unexplainable, the unknown, and, see how and where we expend and devote our energy.

This ritual consciousness has the power to focus our attention on changing the unwanted to the wanted, or just to create peace at that moment. Do something different, create a contrast that works for you, and who knows…You just might get the changes you were hoping for.  Below is a beautiful ritual to benefit all.

As we rise this beautiful morning, we raise sacred smoke and our intentions to Creator, we smudge our surroundings and ourselves, and we offer the following ceremony…and so it is AHO!

Sending you blessings…
Draw your hands to your heart. Massage this area. Feel that you have become capable of balancing the earth and harmonizing its opposing forces.


The forces of “father” and “mother,” protecting, securing, holding, and stabilizing, each in their way. Out of balance, they raise the shadows of authoritarianism and helplessness. When we confront their shadow expressions, we feel lonely and unsafe; we feel un-fathered and un-mothered.

Breathe in the sacred smoke in your heart-breathing it out as the pure white light and visualize the world’s darkness dissolving with your breath.

Breathing in…The homeless, hungry, and abandoned ones.
Breathing out…protection, nurture, and love
Breathing in…fearful and ignorant leaders.
Breathing out…wise and compassionate elders, guiding the world.
Breathing in…childhood nightmares and traumas.
Breathing out … warm light, safe laps, comforting hands
Breathing in…hopelessness, sickness, and pain
Breathing out…miracles, health, and peace
and so it is A’ho Ometeotl!

With respect,
Maestra CC 

**Aho” is Lakhota and has been borrowed into many other North American languages as a result of hearing the word at pow-wows in the 20th century. ” Aho” means “yes, I agree”. It is used in prayers in somewhat the same way that “amen” is used (“amen” means “I agree”), but it is not used exclusively in prayers. Dec 18, 2009

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