Nowhere is Now Here!

The trick is discovering that
there is no trick.
You keep running,
or walking, or crawling,
until you come out on the other side of NO other side.
And one day, you realize,
from a place of both terror
and relief
that the other side doesn’t even exist.
It sounds wonderful metaphorically, but, literally,
it just isn’t there.
We are always on both sides of EVERYTHING we have ever experienced.
We can take eleven steps forward
and be brought twenty-two steps back
in a matter of hearing
the first chord
of a certain song
on the radio.
I used to think the work I was doing would help me get to some other side of all of the heartbreak
or moment
or memory,
but I’m learning life is IMPERMANENT and all ENCOMPASSING
that helps me find peace
with where I am.
No running,
no escaping,
no getting.
I’m already here.
We all are.
Sometimes we have to be sucked into the VORTEX of darkness simply so we can remind ourselves
we carry the light
within our luminous hearts.
And that life,
the heartbeat of life,
just helps us expand… to stay… and breathe all of life in…

All life happens in the present moment. All we really have is the moment that is right here, right now, in front of us. Any moment that happened in the past is a memory, and any moment that will happen in the future is a fantasy. Memories and fantasies can be very nice, but they lead us nowhere except into the past, which no longer exists, or the future which doesn’t exist yet. The past and the future are not places. They are, essentially, nowhere. So you see, you are either Now Here or Nowhere.

– Baron Baptiste

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.