Mascarade Parade

Mascarade Parade

Have you ever been to a masquerade party? Of course, you have, every day we put on a specific mask and join the party.

There is something about wearing a mask that changes us. Because the more anonymous we think we are there is a certain sense of freedom. We can express hidden aspects of our personality without fear, guilt, or shame, or so we like to believe we are protected.

Every time you layer yourself with another Media Mask

you move farther away from yourself, your soul and your true nature.

Layering up these days seems to be the ‘thing’ to do.
We alter ourselves to appear_______ whatever it is we want to show the world.

The media does a great job letting us think we are not “good enough” the way we were intended to be, and we buy into the sales pitch of ‘I NEED TO BE,’ I NEED TO HAVE.’

We get so caught up in the mascarade of who we want others to think we are that we forget the truth of who we forgot ourselves; to be; one light with every single person on this planet separated by the physical body. To see ourselves in everyone is a tall order, after all, most of only want to identify with the cool shit.

Unfortunately knowing ourselves has slipped into darkness.

I don’t even think we know who we are anymore.  We reach for that mask whenever it serves us. What we do is what we want to project out into the world to get what we think we need; love, acceptance, approval, etc.  Most of us believe that we are unique but yet ‘buy’ into the ‘SAME’ system.

Why do we wear masks? Shame, fear, guilt, we were told stories about ourselves that don’t resonate with us, so we reinvent ourselves to something we feel is more appealing, acceptable, only to believe we are hiding those fears. As a result, we blend into the system of love me, accept me, I am unique, I am happy, and along the way, we lose ourselves and continue to pack more shame, guilt, and fear to keep this party going.

It is time to take back, undo the lies we tell ourselves, and love ourselves as we are; pure love energy wrapped up in the human container.

Let’s peel away the masks, and get rid of the false images we created to be loved, be accepted, get praised, and bring the fear that we built into the light. Let us create a different type of party; A Come as You are and see that we are all seeking the same light of love.

No shame, no fears, no guilt.

We all wear masks for different reasons, we all have different things we hide from others, from ourselves, but today I want to challenge all of us to take that mask off, even if it is one party at a time. Remember; It’s ok not to have it all together–nobody does.

Image result for the masks we wear to hide ourselves

Masks can serve a function, they can keep some of us in check, especially if we are feeling impulsive, but at the end of the day baby, it’s you and you.

Choose yourself from the heart-space. LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED.

Incongruancy feels awful for most of us. Who doesn’t want to be able to be themselves– that place you call home within.

Be a lamp unto yourself. Be your own confidence. Hold to the truth within yourself, as to the only truth.-The Buddha

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