“Mending the Mind.”


A quote from Rob Brezsny outlaw category; SCHIZOFRIENDIA. Hearing voices in your head that are continuously supportive, encouraging, and keen to offer advice that helps you make the most of every experience. Love that!

No matter what, our inner voices talk incessantly, and we need to take notice. There is an entire team working for us or against us in our minds. Our thoughts and conversations have an impact on our whole being. We can heal ourselves or hurt ourselves with the daily discussions and ideas we have for ourselves. Negative thoughts can change your entire physical appearance. Neurotransmitters control virtually all of your body’s functions. You are literally speaking to your genes with every thought you have. Our brains are the CEO of our bodies. 

NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE. What messages you give yourself in the circumstances. That is the first step to waking up to how your ruminate about who you are.

Challenge your thought! NOTICE, call it out– then replace it with something else instead. You can say to yourself; “STOP THAT,” then, let it go, refocus your attention and mind onto something else, a thought that’s kinder, more compassionate and definitely more positive.  It does work, but it takes acute awareness.

BUT whatever you do don’t let that inner dialogue drag you down, and get the best of you. 

Start today and remind yourself; that you have the power to turn any negative into a positive. It’s just a decision.

“I am often amused and sometimes amazed by the free-reign constructs of my mind. That is why I regularly converse with myself – I am one of my better friends…”
― Gavin Mills





Experiment: keep checking yourself for irrelevant, self-perpetuating negativity and bitterness.

A certain degree of negativity and bitterness is sensible, even necessary. You can’t stay healthy without cultivating a medicinal dose of the stuff.

But it’s in your interests to cultivate just the amount you need, no more.

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