Third Chakra-Manipura “City of Jewels”

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Third Chakra-Manipura “City of Jewels”

Solar Plexus Chakra Aka Manipura ( ‘Mani’ stands for pearl or jewel, and ‘Pura’ stands for city.) hence, City of Jewels.

Located above the navel and directly in our belly area. The color associated with our third chakra is the color yellow. But since it is a fire element it sometimes has a hue of reddish flare.

The Solar Plexus is a center of friendship with ourselves and others and governs our personal and personal willpower.
It is also responsible for our sense of self, self-love, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. 

This my friends are AKA our power center.
When you have a tummy ache, it’s telling you, you might be out of balance. 

Remember, A balanced solar plexus chakra empowers us to follow and not be distracted from our path. It’s that ‘GUT’ feeling that we sometimes ignore or pay attention to.

Below are a few more attributes associated with the third chakra:

Will, personal power
Taking responsibility for one’s life, taking control
Mental abilities, the intellect
Forming personal opinions and beliefs
Making decisions, setting the direction
Clarity of judgments
Personal identity, personality
Self-assurance, confidence
responsibility and self-awareness.

This third chakra feeds our direction in life; depending if we feel unempowered or empowered plays a vital role in the course of actions we take depending on how we process ourselves in the world.

When your third chakra is balanced, we feel assertive without being unfair or overbearing, we are respected without having to demand it, we are not crushed by disappointments or mistakes, we recognize our positive attributes, and we know how to find our way back to feeling peaceful and empowered.

By now you have figured out how the location of this powerful chakra is the hub of our being and when open, allows the lower and upper chakras to flow freely through the body. When our third chakra is blocked, closed off, so is our energy flow and our opportunity to draw from the other chakra resources. Self-awareness and attunement to our bodies is the way to finding our balance within. Let is flow.

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Affirmation: “ I live my life with perfect ease as I allow the flow of this perfect life to flow through me.”

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