No matter what, you will always wake up YOU.

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No matter what, you will always wake up YOU.

I am sure many of us sometimes fantasies about being someone else. Yes, it’s true, we feel stuck in our bodies and our minds and can’t find the way to like or love ourselves more for many reasons. There is someone thinner, younger, prettier, more affluent, etc.; but there are all the contrasts to those adjectives as well.

Hell, just look around, troll on FB, turn on the TV go to the movies, and there is something or someone telling us to change who we are. Seriously!!!! The message out there is be something or someone other than yourself. 😧

Time to break out the ‘self-compassion action.’ Time to start treating ourselves kindly and respond with loving kindness to perceived short-comings with support instead of criticism.

When we get ready to reject ourselves, just to say, “Cancel Cancel.” Yep… that will help bring us into awareness the next time we spit out something negative about ourselves.

We have to get in the game here because we are the best game in town. We have all heard the jingle, ‘Love the skin you are in.’

The truth is the more we do, our body/mind morphs in ways that will surprise us. Conditioning and cleaning the inside up grace, compassion action and kindness pays the external with beauty and truth. That we are Extraordinary human beings.

Today say out loud; “It’s good to be me.”

“Until you let go of that self-doubt in your heart, it will find a comfortable place to distort your dreams, your sight, your uniqueness, and most times, your sleep.” Dolby Dharma

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put; I AM and with that, I have FAITH in; Myself.