Enuff Said

When I was young, I sought out some counsel. I will cut to the chase. I was diagnosed; imagine that ‘diagnosed’ with a LABEL ‘AS IF’ they really knew anything about me. All because I was sitting across from a “qualified” labeler telling my story, my pain, my struggles and from all that I was diagnosed with this label; Self-destructive personality disorder.

Are you fucking kidding me…

I loved it…

My reply back; Wow, I love this, I can self-de·struct daily and reinvent myself whenever I choose too. That was forty years ago. Good sense of self I did not believe them and believed in my own label. The danger in labeling others it puts them in a box of NO CHANCE FOR CHANGE. The power of words is hard to erase and take back. 

Never allow anyone to define you. Flaws=Perfection.  Why do we continuously think we have to measure up to someone, something or anything for that matter. Too much time wasted and not enough living out loud happening. 

Each day we have choices about ourselves that only we can make. Everyone has an opinion about this, that and the other. ‘Enuff Said.’ We are continually changing things up, and that is a good thing. BE YOU, BABY, the world needs you!

Recognize yourself:  Mentally note how totally awesome you are, just the way you are and only YOU can make the adjustments you want to make according to what you feel, think and desire about yourself. You always wear the RUBY SLIPPERS. 
So the next time you feel like putting someway away in that specific box in your mind; the box for the “losers,” for the “annoying traits,” for the “non-creatives,” stop yourself. Instead, put them in boxes labeled “I don’t know their story,” or “they have amazing personal qualities.” Follow this practice, and I promise you, you will be so much more happy in your own life. We are all in this together, no one is on top.

 Love flows through, and we actualize our Divine Selves.


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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.