No time to deny feelings

Feelings such a pretty word but can wreak havoc on most of us at any given moment. We are full of warm fuzzy feelings as well as tortured, tumultuous emotions as well. Confronting our emotions can be quite the challenge, especially when we are in the throes of chaos, sadness and heartless experiences in our lives.

Some of us deal with our feelings and emotions by reacting to them at the moment they happen, while others bottle them up and bathe in them, germinating them until they manifest themselves in other areas of our lives, ie, conflict, joy, stress, and even physical dis~ease.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of us repress ( unconscious action), suppress (conscious action)  our feelings as if denying them will make them go away, when in fact they grow as a result of us burying them in some way shape or form. We all have our coping mechanisms. Until we face what that is, we will continue to hurt ourselves and others.

Denying our feelings not only robs us of valuable information that we could learn about ourselves, but it also robs us of other opportunities, such as setting up boundaries, a better sense of self, self-esteem, self-confidence, etc.

There is a running theme out there in the world, called ‘Express yourself.’ Although some take it to the outer limits, others retreat. The goal is finding the balance and healthy alternative ways of expressing ourselves.

Unexpressed emotions have a way of morphing into unconscious self-loathing, misplaced and misguided anger. So what do we do and what can we do; Journal… write your big heart out. If you are mad, angry, butthurt at someone or something, write it out as if that situation is right in front of you, you have something to say, and baby DO NOT leave out anything, anyone, or spare the pen to paper of what you want to release.

After that emotional release, BURN THAT PAPER and send it off to the universe with, and in love, releasing all the toxic sadness, you are feeling. BTW you can also do that for the fabulous things in your life too. The Universe loves a great writer.

Most important way to heal ourselves with our feelings and emotions is NOT to deny them.  If the above mentions are too much work, just speak your feelings out loud, acknowledge them, experience them without judging them good/bad, right/wrong. Just let them be what they are to you. That is a great way to begin the healing process.

Walking around comfortably numb is not burying the hatchet, it just dulls the senses, weakens the heart, fogs up the brain and leaves you in undeniable pain.

Freedom is what we are all after. To be free of unhealthy guilt, shame, pain, sadness, grief and judging ourselves for our emotions. Emotions are vital; the good, the bad and the ugly, ALL of it. That is how we grow, expand into ridin high vibrations beings. Life encompasses all emotions, and all emotions and feelings have the right to be accepted without labeling them anything but a natural part of life. 

Not denying but learning to express our unexpressed emotions will lead us to emotional freedom. We are living, breathing touchable beings all wanting the same things; to be understood, accepted, heard and loved. But it starts with YOU first.  Dolby Dharma

“The best way out is always through.” ― Robert Frost


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