The fire within

We all have this warrior energy within, the fire that burns in the belly. Sometimes that fire gets out of control, out of balance. It is important to have fire, but when we have too much it can burn us out and take us down. We know when we are out of balance and need to go in for the correction, life feels like burn-out things are just out of sorts, and we are exhausted, feeling hopeless, negative and just no energy.

Where is it that you have not taken ownership of your life? Where have you burned yourself out? In what ways can you bring love to yourself that you have cast aside or let it burned out? How can you free yourself from the restraints that are not in alignment with the more loving visions you wish for your life?

The way out is the way in; Practice meditation on these words; I am grace, I am love, I am peace, I am harmony, I am healthy, I am compassion, and I am kindness.

Practice this for yourself and your fellow warriors. These words can create stability, uncover our truths and allows us to feel what it is to be self-loving towards ourselves as well as other people, our tribes, families and extended people.  This is the way to find our greater sense of security within because we all know that security is false, there is no real security because life is unpredictable like a fire. We can plan, do things to gives us a sense of this safety net, but in truth, it is compassion, grace, peace, and self-love that will provide us with what we need always.

We need to ask questions of ourselves, we have to get truthful and cast out the shame that binds us to false stories we tell ourselves or others might spit at us. The only thing tangible is the space within, our thoughts about ourselves and situations. We have all the power within. This loving-kindness we can give ourselves is the way to find the energy within to find that stability that comes from knowing that we are ok. Self-love is the only security we have.    So much love…Dolby Dharma

Advancing forward in my strength
Honoring myself...believing in myself

Choosing how to frame history-
No longer the victim…fatally injured
A humble yet proud warrior glimmering with color

My agonies transform to liberty
My pain shifts to opportunity

My core is engaged
Blazing rays of light from within

A transforming fire
Reducing my weak and frail pieces to ashes

Undeniably acknowledging the stagnant times
True moments of heaviness

Yet learning to jostle, even jolt myself awake
Knowing I am free to choose
Free to overcome

Clouds clear from my minds eye
Knowing that at times
We just need to create our own sunshine

Confidently striking new chords
Composing a new song

Celebrating, rejoicing in success
Realizing the essence of my own strength
Courageously learning to master my self

By Beth Beard
 Love flows through, and we actualize our Divine Selves.


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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.