Waking up to the High Vibe of Life!

Waking up shows up in many ways, have you noticed?
It can be slow; it can bring chaos, it’s a stirring within that is unexplainable, there are many signs, people and situations, that sometimes don’t make sense…pay attention.
It is consciousness, a willingness to wake up to each moment and allowing space for yourself.
You will want to show up, in ways you thought you could not.
When faced with a challenge, you meet it and go outside your comfort zone, that is where the expansion is.
You will get to know yourself in ways you have not explored that will cause you to pause. That knowing may cause you heartache and pain.
You will stand in your truth and beauty, your voice to be heard, and your glorious self to be seen even if it rocks a boat or two…And it will, and it needs too.
Be prepared for oppositional forces, your light will be bright, and some will try to put it out only out of fear.
Predictable is not what you do; you will rise to your Ebb and Flow of Life…You are not part of the flock, you are a trailblazer.
You will be the best rock concert, shakin things up, breakin things up and leaving them breathless wanting more. You just opened their eyes to new ways of being.
You will want to get to know your circle of life on a deeper level of understanding. You don’t do history or repeat(s) for very long.
You will invite others to walk with you, while you uncover the undiscovered aspects of life, yourself and others.
You will be super sensitive to your old ways, negative habits. The higher vibe will begin to navigate within the soul and the stir begins.
Once you get a grip on what is happening to you, you will understand that everything that comes to you, you called it forward to expand, flourish and thrive.
There will be a shedding of old friends, your old life and maybe a move. That is an indication that you are aligning somewhere else. Unfortunately, we don’t all evolve at the same speed. The good news; Ships Ahoy! Welcome!
Awakening comes with a price; Hypersensity, In addition to your five physical senses that will start to become more developed, clarity awakens the emotional and spiritual aspects of you and your surroundings, and you will experience your feelings, moods, and reactions more intensely.
The bottom line here; You will have a willingness to want to reconnect more with yourself, as your intuitive self expands.
In the end, you will find your bliss, that deep feeling of gratitude, awareness, joy, and fulfillment that is untouchable.

I am effortlessly in tune with my own highest knowing. I act on the divine whispers of your intuition.  Dolby DHarma Self💝Love 


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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.