The RAP sheet!

We all have a ‘rap sheet’; a past, of behaviors, actions, mistakes, we have done or not done, and we tend to be held or hold, people to that, not really knowing all the details because most only look at the outside of a person. But he who investigates on the inside will see the actual or attempted intent. We never know anybody, because we don’t know ourselves, because if we truly knew who we are then we would not be so quick to judge and hold someone down for something they have done and A S S U M E they will do it again, as if, we are running a horse race and we place bets regarding an outcome. No wonder there are more losers than winners; if that is the game you choose to play, I know when I have played the horses and bet on the projected winner, I lost.


I understand that it is sometimes useful to have some information before proceeding. But I am talking about our relationships, the relationships that are rooted in ego and emotions, and we all know making decisions while emotional is not real, in the sense of clear information.

Why do we hold others, including ourselves to past performance, behaviors and a host of anything else that doesn’t fly with OUR beliefs, a way of life?

How is it that we hold on to the old stories, old hurts and keep them open and active in the now?

How does one ever get ahead, when they are held continuously in yesterday, yesteryears or even a few mins ago?

More importantly, how do we let go and ask ourselves; “Who would WE be without holding that story about so and so?”

First and foremost, everybody as a ‘Rap Sheet,’ it is part of the human experience to have someone make one up about you, including the one you make up about you. 

In order to create a new story, one that benefits both parties know what you are believing in first. Beliefs are not real because we made it up in our minds to gain strength in our convictions. It creates separation from ourselves and the one we are judging or holding steadfast to the past. If we can open our minds to another possibility, such as perceiving them in another way, or better yet, stop holding the grudge, story, experience as if it is still happening. There is sweet freedom for both parties.

When we set up barriers in our minds about people that keep out a possible change, no one flourishes. Barries are hard work for it requires a constant, defense, a belief in the story to give it the strength to live in the now, and that keeps out the endless possibilities of growth, expansion, and change. The moment we open our hearts and mind to ‘what is now’ that is the moment the rap sheet is cleared, the relationship is free, and everything was just an illusion of the almighty mind.

We are all INNOCENT

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There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.   ~Anaïs Nin

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.