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To live unapologetically…IMAGE that one…Living not uttering the words I AM SORRY. How often do we say; “I’m sorry” to people, places, situations, and things? It is an automatic response. If we speak out of turn, we say, ‘sorry,’ if we think we let someone down, ‘sorry.’ But…Are we sorry? We are taking the blame for situations that need no apology, but we feel insecure, don’t want to upset the status quo, and we certainly don’t want others judging us.

Most often we are only living a half-truth of who we want to be, feeling less than, that we don’t deserve to take our place. Living unapologetically is a fearlessness that gives us freedom.

What does it mean to experience an unapologetic life? It means to not be sorry for existing, for being present. It is living like a brave-heart, and not fearing that others may find you offensive or unpleasant. But most of all it is about not living from someone else’s belief of how or who you should be so they can feel comfortable, or have some unmet issue met when you follow the rules they have created for certain behaviors. It’s about fully loving your body mind and spirit and NOT asking for permission or apologizing for who you are.

In fact, it is your fearless spirit that enhances your kindness, your inner-light is radiant, and you exude inspiration. You inspire others to live open, free and with intention.

What may happen; You will be feared, but none of that fear is about you, it is their inner turmoil that is projected out towards you. We live in a world that rejects shamelessness, that teaches us to grow inward and be quiet, mind our Ps and Qs.


Life is to be lived out loud, break a few rules, snap a few hearts and challenge the ‘status quo,’ and for that, you cannot be sorry. You cannot be sorry for being you, and why would you be.

Life is an undoing, an unknowing,  to break old ties, to live ferociously and unscripted. You are an artist, you were born a blank slate. You are not here to live everyone’s or anyone’s expectations that are put upon you. You are here to light a match, burn down old bridges and live your best life embracing yourself in a way that enlivens your soul.

Stop being apologetic, because, the truth is, if you were sorry, you would not have acted in the first place.

Living unapologetically does not mean being soul destroying to people, places or things, it is quite the opposite. It’s building new communities, having perspective and being a beacon of inspiration for other souls to do the same. It is about respect, for yourself and others. It’s to live boldly where no one dares to live out of fear. It is about not being sorry for who you are. This is your life, nothing to prove to anyone, you don’t need their permission, and, you owe it to yourself to be, live, dream, and have the experience you want. Not the life everyone thinks is appropriate.

When your intention is pure of heart, body, and mind, there is nothing to be sorry about.

“Being unapologetic is not an obvious way of being or a reaction to the world around you; it is an internal compass bearing. It means that you know without a doubt what matters to you, are confident in your choices, and you own your voice and inherent worth. Becoming unapologetic means that you are living your life free from external influences and have created a life of meaning on your own terms. It is joyful living, and you don’t have to wait to be truly and fully happy!” ~Elizabet Turner


The Unapologetic Life is not reactionary, and it isn’t just giving the middle finger to the people that don’t agree with you. It is an invitation to become the best version of yourself, insanely confident and clear so that you make the most of the precious time that you are given and live a life that is meaningful, joyful and aligned.

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