You are an experience to behold!

Do you realize what a beautiful poem you are in human form? You are a narrative in motion putting together strands of the most understated prose.

Thirst no more

Hunger is not an option

For the day is full of YOU

The wild sun creates your shade

The moon illuminates your essence

You are the way

The unspoken words

The poet who shapeshifts


A deeper meaning

That manifest in each




Unraveling the unspoken gift

You express


And inspire

YOU are a brilliant poem expressed!

Dolby Dharma 2004

“You must be very careful not to deprive the poem of its wild origin.” That’s useful advice for anyone who spawns anything, not just poets. There’s something unruly and unpredictable about every creative idea or fresh perspective that rises up in us. Do you remember when you first felt the urge to look for a new job or move to a new city or search for a new kind of relationship? Wildness was there at the inception. And you needed to stay in touch with the wildness to follow through with practical action. That’s what I encourage you to do now. Reconnect with the wild origins of the important changes you’re nurturing.” poet Stanley Kunitz via Freewill Astrology

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.