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What part of you needs attention today? I am not talking about the ‘notice me‘ kind. I am talking about the relationship you have with your body-mind and spirit. The self that gets left behind because of all the commitments you have on the table, and you continue to put yourself on the back burner. We log into our phones, we log into our computers, we log into games, so seriously, when was the last time you logged into yourself to look up your joy, your energy or your passion?

Today make a self-love-pledge;

I at this moment commit wholeheartedly to my self even if it is just for a few moments

I will do my very best to say outloud, “after me, you come first.’

I will love ALL my being

I will value beginnings and endings

I will honor the wholeness that I AM

I will remain present and grounded

I will feed my passions and creativities

I will own that I AM strong and vulnerable at the same time

I will open my heart to this incredible life

I will speak MY most profound truths

I will listen to MY inner voice

I will claim my Uniqueness

I will walk as the peaceful warrior that I AM


Each day I embody the love, joy, healing, attention I wish to receive from me, as I log into myself. Dolby Dharma

“But every time I am willing to look within I am so grateful for every experience, every obstacle, every learning because I’ve learned to use everything that arises in my field of awareness as a tool to discover who I truly am.”
― HeatherAsh Amara You Are Meant to Be 



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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.

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