The foundation is within-NEVER leave home without it!

We fall in love, we MERGE, after all, it is, we believe, at that moment, it is the ultimate sense of ‘oneness’. You know… that nauseating quote Tom Cruise vomited “You complete me,” ugggg, made me want to throw up. LOL…

 There needs to be a proceed with caution sign about that merging. 

It’s a good thing we are here in earth school learning to return to love, which is returning to ourselves. We agreed to pandemonium and confusion. We just don’t remember, but we will eventually.

When we are in fear of not getting the love we incarnated with, we are now in separation. I guess that is why it’s called, ‘FALLING,’ you begin to separate yourself from yourself, and that is when all the difficulties and challenges surface in most relationships, things just don’t feel right. We get bitchy, edging and challenging.

There is a constant battle with ‘EGO’ and ‘HIGHER-SELF’  the ego surfaces as soon as we fall in love, or give our soul over to a person, place or things. That is when uncertainty, fears, and the crazy-making begins, but that is also the blessing, the gift, and the ‘higher-self reminder’ for you to remember who you are…The LOVE you seek…



We build and attach our lives, hearts, and self around other people, situations, and matter. We move into others hearts, homes and habits, and leave ours behind as if something or someone is going to provide us with the security, sanctuary, and the love we think we need, but we already possess.

We have forgotten who we are; and each time we choose to leave ourselves for another person, place or situation, we are building a life of limits, chaos, and are imprisoning our lives to inhabit insecure ground.


“We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too.”

I definitely believe, and have experienced this transformation within myself; When we begin to fragment ourselves we get lost, tangled up, and it is up to us to check in with ourselves and ask; “the higher mind or the ego mind”, The higher mind will never fail us, and the ego mind will seek to change us. But sometimes or some of us have to get lost to find our way back to ourselves. Love is the perfect opportunity for transformation.

lost and found

“You have so little faith in yourself because you are unwilling to accept the fact that perfect love is in you, and so you seek without for what you cannot find within.” – A Course In Miracles


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