What or who is holding you back?

It is a simple answer; it’s your mind, it is the limiting beliefs that you have come to rely on for your solutions and permissions.

You know the exact time those thoughts come in, the ones that tell you; You can’t, you’re not good enough, your excuses, your stories, yourself.

Nobody does it better baby than YOU. Just remember that.

Nobody is YOU. Just remember that too.

All things are possible. Including you. Remember that.

When that tiny voice starts to kick in with all the sticky thoughts that keep you small, stuck, and fucked. Notice them, and thank them for showing you that you can.

There is no getting ready, you are ready.

There is not waiting around for the right moment, you will wait until the cows come home and we all know they are home, they never left.

Speak out this self-acceptance for yourself today:  I am on my way, I got this. Everything I need is coming into alignment for my arrival. I am ready to take action and get in the game of my life!

chained donkey

Don’t be a donkey tied foolishly to a plastic chair.  The only weight holding you back how you choose to see that chair, it is all in your mind. Remember the famous Descartes quote made famous ‘I think; therefore I am.’

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.