Healing with our Emotions

Emotions are the feelings, the thoughts we fear, the stuff we hide, the shame we feel, what we suppress, resist, and have a hard time addressing because at a young age we were taught to not allow them to exist unless they were deemed appropriate, nice and good. With that being said no wonder some of us, well most of us are basket cases when it comes to our expression of emotions.

The situation or things that trip us up are not the things we actually deal with,  it is our emotions that arise from the crazy-making people, places and things that stir shit up in us and the battle begins with processing our feelings.  Crazy how that works. Below I am sharing a piece of Karla Mclaren’s work; The Langauge of Emotions.

Every emotion you have is necessary; there are no positive emotions, and there are no negative emotions. Each of your emotions contributes a critical and irreplaceable level of skill, intelligence, and energy to you — and each of them contains genius.

During difficult times, people with emotional skills tend to fare better, and they also tend to have a healthy effect on the people around them. However, here in the U.S. and around the world, I’m seeing people losing their emotional skills and awareness, and instead of falling into behaviors that use emotions in abusive ways. I’m seeing a shift into harsh boundaries, hatred, and distrust of the outsider.

The emotions I’m seeing overused or poorly used are:

  • Anger (which sets healthy boundaries when you know how to work with it),
  • Hatred (which can help you understand yourself deeply and do your necessary shadow work),
  • Fear (which contains your instincts and your intuition about the present situation)
  • Envy (which can help you identify fairness and equity, and create it for yourself and others)
  • Jealousy (which can help you identify loyal and loving people, and become one yourself)
  • And Panic (which is a lifesaving emotion that contains immense healing powers)

These powerful emotions are absolutely healing when you know how to work with them, yet they can be devastatingly destructive when you don’t.

There are also some necessary emotions that are needed but are not being used. They could heal what ails us in this chaotic time if only people knew how to work with them:

  • Shame (which helps you live up to morals and ethics that are valid and life-affirming)
  • Sadness (which helps you let go of things that aren’t working anymore, and that you no longer need)
  • Grief (which enables you to mourn that which has died or will never return)
  • Contentment (which enables you to feel a healthy sense of pride about living up to your morals and ethics)
  • Apathy (which enables you to take a timeout when situations cannot and will not serve you)

These ethical and soothing emotions, used with care and grace, could heal what ails us and help us down-regulate from the overblown emotions we’re seeing. I offer the skills and information I developed over 4 decades in the hopes that more people will be able to become comfortable and skilled with the most powerful influences in their lives: their emotions.

May we all learn to harness the energy in our emotions for the good of all. Courtesy of Karla Mclaren


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Each day, I ALLOW all of me to feel without shame, blame and a name to what is happening in my life. I love my self, I love my emotional expressions. My feelings are the most authentic aspects of myself.  Dolby Dharma

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