Nature Beckons!

Being in nature can induce a calming, and reorganizing of our fragmented body-brains.  Nature is an omnipotent medicament that appears to be overlooked in modern times. Mostly because the pharmaceuticals are heading up the game of life.

We never see an ad on TV telling us to go for a hike or sit under a tree. NO, we are sold a bill of goods on pharma meds. I often wonder what would happen if TV ads touted go out in nature recommendations, along with the healing side effects; I suspect a bunch of healthy beings, feeling good, feeling whole body-mind and soul.

Feel your way into health and balance, sit under a tree, go to the beach, or just a simple walk outside, and a take deep healing breaths.

The sun beckons you, the moon shines for you, the flowers bloom for you, and the dirt cleanses you. It is all for you, it is free-flowing and asks for nothing in return, but to be used.

The result is the supreme expression of peace, harmony, and healing with, and in nature. By rediscovering nature, you reveal yourself to yourself; Go out in nature to lose your mind and find your soul… the Divine gift of healing.

Be peace

Be patient

Be kind to yourself

Choose only one master; nature. ~Rembrandt

trust you

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.