Thriving from the inside out

We love to get attention; after all, that is what we have been taught the day we embodied in this world.

Whether it’s good or not so good, we crave to be noticed, accepted, and loved.

We act out, we dress in a certain way.

We are concerned with our appearances.

We behave a particular way to be accepted.

We seek the approval of others to define our value as a human being, and consequently, our sense of worthiness.

A BIGGIE assessment to we do to ourselves is;

We compare ourselves to others as if everything is a competition. If we are not winning, we automatically say, we are losing, and therefore, we feel “less than.”

“Seriously,” it is crazy all the mind-fucks we do to ourselves all for the love, acceptance, and approval of another.

And, then, if we don’t live up to that bullshit, we start to operate from GUILT, SHAME, and FEAR, that become the new drivers of the ‘EGO’ bus.

What’s wrong with this picture???

Plenty, it is OLD coding, OLD beliefs that are handed down from well-meaning caretakers and friends. Social media comes along and creates a new way to instill, and install unhealthy messages; “BAM” our sense of self is destroyed, distorted and cast into darkness.

We certainly have to exile those stories we tell ourselves because it is impossible to live up to all the lies the spewing about how we are, who we need to be, etc.  It has to be a gentle awareness so that we don’t harm ourselves.

This deep, deep begging is destructive and a soul sucker.

“A real beggar is one who asks for and demands attention. And a real emperor is one who lives in himself; he has a center of his own, he doesn’t depend on anybody else to define his being.”

We all at one time or another subscribe to the exterior world, allowing it to have some say-so on how we are received, and or perceived. It is all so insidious yet noticeable, mostly to everyone else. Because that is the focus. ON EVERYONE ELSE We mind everyone else’s moves that we forget we have some pretty impressive moves ourselves.

Most things in life advertize; “Look at me,” but do they see YOU?

Do they have to see you?

Do you even notice you are a YOU?

That depends on how secure your interior castle is.

The bottom line here; it is not about being delusional or ignoring the life around us, there is a lot of cool aides to drink that is good for us.  I’m blogging about undoing the lies and teaching ourselves to become aware of how powerful we are beating to our own drum.

To live in the same world that everyone else is living in BUT looking at through an entirely new set of eyes, with a heart full of self-love, gratitude, and unquenchable curiosity about ourselves, and NOT lose insight of who we truly are as an individual; a unique expression of love with a different beliefs, ways of living, and a right to be here.

Not only will you start to feel a profound sense of inner peace and calm, but you’ll begin to be able to manage your own energy and emotions with your mind.

That sense of self is liberating, at ease and filled with what is real in this life. LOVE, the only expression that frees every single person to be who they are—each other.

To live entirely authentic (Which is a lifetime journey) we must overcome the self-imposed limits and transcend the external influences that tell us we are NOT Good Enough unless we have this, wear that, know the whos-who; blah blah blah.!
The best dressed YOU is within your interior castle, your mini-mansions; it’s your most significant asset; no fear, no authority zone over you.

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.